Monday, October 29, 2012

wasn't it 80 degree yesterday?

when the weather gets tough

i could've sworn everyone in the south was walking around in t shirts and shorts last week? so why are we expecting snow tomorrow?  well, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.  in our case, that means making time to go buy some jackets.  first, we're obsessed with the malene birger tweed jacket.  it goes with day or night and we love it.  but of course, no one wants to get rid of the sparkle they've been wearing this fall, so go get a sequin jacket.  this one, from A Wear is a personal fav.  it works in the spring too, with a light pink flowy skirt (just maybe?).  wear either of these with your favorite skinny jeans or these wetlook leggings (also) from A Wear. (we like the leggings and louboutins with both the best)



  1. Ok! it's time to confess my obsession towards bling and sequins ^_^ I love these!
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  2. Love the leather leggings