Monday, October 29, 2012

wasn't it 80 degree yesterday?

when the weather gets tough

i could've sworn everyone in the south was walking around in t shirts and shorts last week? so why are we expecting snow tomorrow?  well, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.  in our case, that means making time to go buy some jackets.  first, we're obsessed with the malene birger tweed jacket.  it goes with day or night and we love it.  but of course, no one wants to get rid of the sparkle they've been wearing this fall, so go get a sequin jacket.  this one, from A Wear is a personal fav.  it works in the spring too, with a light pink flowy skirt (just maybe?).  wear either of these with your favorite skinny jeans or these wetlook leggings (also) from A Wear. (we like the leggings and louboutins with both the best)


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

thrift your heart out

where the wild things are

wouldn't it be nice to live in LA or NYC and be able to walk down the street only to find about 25 thrift stores?  not to mention said thrift stores aren't just junk... they are actually super trendy and- admit it- we're all jealous of people who can pull that stuff off.  well, for those of us who don't live in a cool, trendy city, we have the internet.  here are our favorite online thrift stores, but just like a real thrift store... your gonna have to do some digging.

shop UsTrendy - this site has lots of cool stuff, make sure you check out the blouses and leggings, they were our favorites
shop NastyGal - most of us know and love nasty gal, but most people don't look at the vintage section. look at it- worth your time
shop EbayStores - try out this ebay store we linked you to but ebay is like a shopper's dylan candy bar- there's everyyyything so search 'vintage shops'
shop RustyZipper - you've gotta check out the sequin/cocktail tops and the jackets. very, very out there but hey, why not?

those pictures (above all this nonsense writing) are ouur favorite things we found on the sites today..
left - middle - right


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

you may say i'm a dreamer, but i'm not the only one

we may not know these girls, 
but we wouldn't mind getting to know their closets



ever heard the saying "dance like nobody is watching"?  well, here in the fashion industry, there's a saying kinda like that.  dress like everyone is watching.  have fun with it, look good, and always wear uncomfortable, beautiful shoes.

oh and always embrace rachel zoe.


how to: pack for fall

time for a vacation?

we know it's not quite thanksgiving yet, but surely some of you are going on vacations soon?  or at least hoping to go on vacation soon... so dust off your suitcase (we're picturing it as a vintage, oversized black one) and get ready because we've got the perfect outfits for you.

we picked out 10 small items of clothing (excluded accessories because there's no cutting back on those).  if you do your math right (or at least "right" in our minds) then you can make over 14 outfits.  

try our favorite outfit- a button up (unbuttoned) over the black dress. throw on the dannijo 'knox' necklace, tights, and the tory burch boots.  surprise twist- this same shirt that you threw on over a black dress can be worn with jeans the next day! ...ok maybe wait a day or two... wear an infinity scarf so no one can even tell.

shop the clutch

we're loving the image of a vintage suitcase with all of this clothes sprawled out- make it happen!


Monday, October 22, 2012

online shopping ob SESH ion

need an online shopping session?

trying to find the perfect oversized sweater for this fall?  well, it's your lucky day.  due to my lack of ability to pay attention in class, i found about 30 sweaters worth your time.  click the picture and it'll take you straight to your happy place.  ready.....go. 

what girl doesn't like sparkles and gems? bauble bar has been a popular website for quite sometime, it's even supported by Atlantic Pacific (a personal fav of ours). well, during my econ class, we learned that when household spending goes up, it helps our economy. so i immediately pulled out my credit card and bam, supported the economy.  not to mention i added a couple 'gems' to my jewelry box.

may the force be with you in your online shopping sesh


loving him was red

the day tswift made red the next hot thing

top - bracelet - shorts - bag - lipstick

red is everywhere today thanks to tay swift.  today's been anxiously awaited for by tons of her adoring fans.  (surely) she'll have a "red" tour soon enough, so what do you think people will be wearing to the most popular concert tour in the  so here you go, an early start.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

living on the edge- of the river

Dress (Glam) - Vest - Scarf - Boots

when you think of tennessee style, what comes to mind?  probably taylor swift's daily attire aka a flowy, girly dress with cowboy boots.  well, this may be the image in your head if you've never been to tennessee... there's memphis, home of elvis and good ole justin timberlake. there's nashville, home to the best country singers in the world (maybe they tend to rock the cowboy boots) but also miley (who dresses anything but country). and of course knoxville, that sports an incredibly artsy neighborhood.  so, when you come to tennessee, make sure you rock your combat boots and jean vests just like i do.  we love this look.


studly girl

who says girls can't be studly?

navy top
army green top

prim and proper will always be in style but take advantage of studs and spikes while you can.  remember when studs on clothing only looked good when you wore a spiked dog collar to match?  well, those days are over.  it is now acceptable to wear an army green, studded-collar shirt with pink jeans or studded combat boots with a girly dress.  like i said, take advantage of this because if studs are relative to that old saying "everything comes back into style" then we may be seeing studs and spikes on a black belt again soon.

Friday, October 19, 2012

spring trends do fall

the hi-low trend has been in full force for quite some time now.  we saw it in the spring in just about every dress. but it didn't really hit the streets until spring so this is our first glimpse at the trend transferring into fall and we love it!  not that a slouchy, comfy sweater isnt enough but adding this trend in.. makes it irresistible. 

lion, tigers, and jaguar print oh my! we love, love, love this dress. and get this, it's from target. major props tarjay!  the best thing about the dress is that it looks great for fall, but picture it in spring with a bright pink bubbly necklace or a colored belt instead of the matching (came with it) belt.  


Thursday, October 18, 2012

fall trends

here's the lo down for fall trends: military, leather, brocade, ankle boots, graphic pull overs, oxblood red, and statement chokers. get one of each of these trends and then work with the basics that you already have in your closet.


country chic

street style

well, we sorta figured out why blogs run by cities girl tend to be most popular.  finding trendy locations in tennessee is sorta like searching for an apartment in nyc with plenty of yard space for the kids to play...  so, instead, we embraced tennessee, the state that we love oh so much. sweaters look so much better for fall when there are trees changing colors to match you. but even better than matching the trees with natural colors, try a bright sweater so you stand out. we love the idea.  i guess the boot deserves an explanation....or not. moral of the day- learn to work with what you've got.

studs, spikes, and everything nice. as if studs weren't enough to make this outfit rock, let's add some combat boots. remember when your mom taught you to lace your shoelaces? well, I bet she didn't prepare you for combat boots.  pace yourself, slow and steady wins the race.


Monday, October 15, 2012

quick post for red and leather

are you REaDy for fall?

Currently obsessing over this Mason by Michelle Mason coat for multiple reasons:

1) it's red 2) leather sleeves 3) it's red 4) falls perfectly 5) it's red... despite the $650 price tag, this is PERFECTION is a coat.

Friday, October 12, 2012

colored leather and patterned pants

trending on twitter on the streets

not much better than some colored leather.
black panel - wine - tan (sale) - black - cobalt

patterned pants-
'nough said.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Because we don't have all the money in the world...
but we wanna dress like we do.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

street peeper

Paris a fait de nouveau (Paris has done it again-or so google translate says)

Well, New York is the city that never sleeps- does that explain her boyfriend jeans? Whatever, still fab.

Meanwhile, down under in Sydney...

How does everything look so much more put together in London?


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

blatent brocade

it's no secret that the patterns we used to see on our grandma's couches are now taking over the fashion world.  this trend may not last forever- that is, if the couch you sold at your last garage sale has anything to say about it- but don't rule this trend out.  take advantage while you can. Brocade your jeans, blazers, shoes, and tops. it's all awesome and it is all acceptable.