Tuesday, December 25, 2012

in honor of christmas- a big red coat

who says santa is the only one that gets to wear a big, red coat on christmas? he doesn't get to have all the fun! this is one of my favorite coats. the draping of this mason coat is almost made too well, it falls perfectly. and as if the leather sleeves arn't enough, why not add some leather leggings? 

here's hoping santa treated everyone well!!


Thursday, December 20, 2012

How To: Slopes Packing

1. when you're shopping in the 15 degree weather, it's always kind of awkward. the stores are blasting their heaters to keep the customers warm, but when you're wearing a giant coat, that's not comfortable. your best bet is to wear an easy sweater with jeans and boots but bring your biggest, warmest ski coat to wear over it. juicy couture puffer coat - she inside sweater - tory burch boots
2. for a casual night with friends or a trip to the spa, bring a big comfy sweater to pair with the leggings you were on the plane. this is the place to bring your accessories, of course you can mix and match but a scarf and earmuffs would be great with this. and the boots are perfect for snowy weather. she inside sweater - j crew boots - earmuffs 
3. these kate spade touch tech gloves may seem a little rediculous but why would you wanna take your gloves off every time you get a phone call or email? the world doesn't stop because you're in the snow! kate spade touch tech gloves
4. this just looks comfy doesn't it? plus the fleece will be great under your ski coat and the leggings will be great under the ski pants! patagonia fleece - anthropologie fleece lined leggings - nike frees
5. going out in aspen or another trendy area? here you go! rag and bone jacket - she inside top - citizens black jeans


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

plaid pants, who knew?

i never thought i'd be one to wear plaid pants. the phrase "plaid pants" just sounds kinda silly. but i mean, how could you not be drawn to wear these? even though i'm wearing a simple black tee with these, i kind of wish i wore an oversized cream knit sweater with it. no regrets though.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

you have a hole in your sweater

you know when you change into a big comfy sweater and manage to get your jewelry stuck in at least one thread, which (annoyingly) ruins that sleeve? well, good news for you people with a closet full of pulled sweaters... it is now fashionable to wear sweaters with pre-made holes.
but wildfox did not stop at the holes. they had to find something to make us love the sweater even more so naturally they added some graphic design. in this case, white stars.

*shop* wildfox sweater - habitual 'alice' skinnies 


Monday, December 10, 2012

this weekend in art basel

being a florida girl myself, i can vouch for the fact that fashion rules do not apply to the sunshine state. that being said, it looked like summer in miami this weekend... it also looked like a fashion show. when art and fashion meet, it can only mean one thing- art basel 2012. a weekend where fashionistas have an excuse to escape the cold new york weather and bring out their crazy jewelry and crazy patterns because hey- it's art! 
see more pictures at: harper's bazaar  - style

Sunday, December 9, 2012

great sights in white

through the hustle and bustle of exam week, i managed to find time to head downtown and show off some of my new favorite pieces. it's no secret that the "no white after labor day" rule is getting absurdly close to becoming an old wive's tale.. so of course i'm taking full advantage of this breach in the law. ok, so they arn't totally white but that's only because they also have an incredible black pattern.

oh and ever seen a beanie with an opening on both sides? well now you have. this mason beanie is reversible and confusing but hey- it's fabulous so whatever.


Sunday, December 2, 2012

the lo down is back

welcome back to the web ms bosworth. i can honestly say lo is one of my favorite people. i don't know if it's her bubbly but hipster personality or that fact that she featured me on her site but i love her. here's a couple photos of her recent fashionable moments:

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

build a soiree on your wrist

2.  skinny cuff
4. brandy melville skull - brandy melville spike - bauble bar elephant 

this speaks for itself but you can always add simple bangles and beaded bracelets for more bulk! look for these in forever 21, h&m, and even target's jewelry department. as silly as it sounds, friendship bracelets add some color and a more relaxed look. they'd look best with your watch, the simple bracelet, and some of those cheap bangles you're going to collect!

just like anything worth your time- an arm party takes some time to make it perfect- good luck!


Monday, November 26, 2012

cyber monday guidelines

cyber monday means searching all your favorite sites to see what kind of deals they are offering today. well, i already did that and found some great sales. but, what i found to be the best is the jcrew factory and net-a-porter.  sure, tobi has 40% off of everything but if you miss out today, the prices will still be (for the most part) under $50 tomorrow. for the best cyber monday results, try to get designer basics or at least things that will last you many more cyber mondays to come. 

jcrew factory (if you didn't know about this already, you should bookmark it on your computer) has 50% off everything and free shipping. this is a great time to buy their button downs, they have tons of color options. make sure you look at the jewelry before checking out though, they have some great pieces in there!

net-a-porter (although very expensive on any normal day) really gave the public some great deals. best thing to look for on this site- jeans. they have rag & bone, sevens, j brand, current/elliott, and citizens all on sale. if you've had your eye on something at net-a-porter, chances are it went on sale today.

other sites to look at today-
www.tobi.com, www.express.com, www.shopplanetblue.com, www.sheinside.com, www.urbanoutfitters.com, www.pinkmascara.com, www.revolveclothing.com


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Gift Guide

people keep asking me what i want for christmas and i can honestly say i have no clue. i usually can think of about 30 things worth $200 each that i'm dying to have but this year i had to do some research so i could give mom a list. since i (someone who always knows what they want) couldn't think of anything, surely other people are having trouble too. so here it is, a list of things i would love to have. each under $200- which for a rebecca minkoff bag and a dannijo iphone case- is not too bad!

ring - rebecca minkoff bag - j crew necklace - j crew boots - juicy couture fur scarf - dannijo iphone case


Thursday, November 15, 2012

packing for thanksgiving

want to avoid holiday travelers by carrying on your suitcase? only allowed to bring one bag on your road trip to avoid crammed leg space? well, here's a quick packing list for you! and helpful hint: wear the boots on your travel day with leggings and a loose tee- makes more room!

around the house- denim blouse - all saints leggings


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

floral print blazers

left top shop blazer - middle by malene birger blazer - right paul smith blazer

floral blazers are the new galaxy print. i guess galaxy print isn't "out" so let's just say, floral blazers are better than galaxy print. personally, i think leather leggings and a black shirt look best under a graphic print blazer. but it can't hurt to wear jeans or a matching print. it's hard to go wrong with such a cool trend.


a peplum and leather affair

peplum top - leggings (olive and oak) - cynthia rowley purse (old) - j crew bracelet

as if leather paneled legging weren't enough. try two trends in one- leather and peplum. this peplum trend may die out soon considering it came in so, so strongly and it tends to exaggerate the hips a little too much for some people's taste.   but... if the shoe fits!    and in this case, the shoe definitely fits. this peplum shirt stood out compared to the many that i have tried on.  maybe it's the pattern or maybe that the peplum starts higher up.. whatever it is, it's great.


photo credit: tinsley mcbride

Monday, November 12, 2012

floral pants make a comeback

floral pants - ankle booties - top - arm party (assortment of old favorite pieces)

these ankle booties are not too secretively the best item in my closet.  if it was possible, i'd say they've worn out their welcome.. but that will never happen.  too bad with this outfit, they arn't even the key piece.  that award goes to the pants.  initially i was on the hunt for a graphic printed blazer, but once i had to give up hope on that mission, i found these.  there are definitely ways to dress this pants up even more fashion forward, but for me, a basic black tee and my go-to booties is enough.


photo credit: Tinsley McBride

got some annie oakley in you

1. flannel shirt (thrift it) - 2. vest - 3. boots - 4. butter nail polish - 5. infinity scarf - 6. flannel travel bag

being the rabid parent trap fan that i am, i found it important to show off the trend i've always wanted to pull off.  it's one thing to wear this outfit and another to actually go camping in it.  as dennis quaid says about his fiance, "i'm not marrying her because she's annie oakley".  so, for those of us who just dream of wearing the outfit, not as much partaking in the actual camping seen, don't worry because you still have a shot with annie and hallie's father, better known as the lovely dennis quaid.


Sunday, November 11, 2012

knoxville does nyc

and fashion makes a full circle

maxi skirt - nyc top - military jacket - ballet flats - statement necklace (similar)

so there is actually a city in tennessee?  but really, if you ever get a chance to visit knoxville, you have to wonder around downtown.  love it.  of course, the only city that is relevant to us fashion obsessive people is- the one and only- nyc (hence the shirt).  once the stage of abercrombie & fitch and american eagle tees overstayed its welcome, i promised myself i'd never wear a graphic tee again- looks like i lied.  so here i stand in the middle of downtown knoxville, proving myself wrong.  if i could say something to my twelve year old self, it would sound something like- fashion always makes a full circle.


photo credit- tinsley mcbride

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

metallic materials

shine on

Shine light, shine bright, shine all night.  We pulled together some of our favorite metallic pieces just to brighten up your day a little bit.  It's debatable whether or not glittery metallics and shiny leather should be encompassed into this category, but in our opinion.. they should.  Unless you have a metallic suit (like maybe option number 2 with matching pants), we suggest wearing these as separates... now, shine on

1. leather metallic  2. blazer  3. pants 4. glitter metallic 5. dress 6. shoes


Monday, October 29, 2012

wasn't it 80 degree yesterday?

when the weather gets tough

i could've sworn everyone in the south was walking around in t shirts and shorts last week? so why are we expecting snow tomorrow?  well, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.  in our case, that means making time to go buy some jackets.  first, we're obsessed with the malene birger tweed jacket.  it goes with day or night and we love it.  but of course, no one wants to get rid of the sparkle they've been wearing this fall, so go get a sequin jacket.  this one, from A Wear is a personal fav.  it works in the spring too, with a light pink flowy skirt (just maybe?).  wear either of these with your favorite skinny jeans or these wetlook leggings (also) from A Wear. (we like the leggings and louboutins with both the best)


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

thrift your heart out

where the wild things are

wouldn't it be nice to live in LA or NYC and be able to walk down the street only to find about 25 thrift stores?  not to mention said thrift stores aren't just junk... they are actually super trendy and- admit it- we're all jealous of people who can pull that stuff off.  well, for those of us who don't live in a cool, trendy city, we have the internet.  here are our favorite online thrift stores, but just like a real thrift store... your gonna have to do some digging.

shop UsTrendy - this site has lots of cool stuff, make sure you check out the blouses and leggings, they were our favorites
shop NastyGal - most of us know and love nasty gal, but most people don't look at the vintage section. look at it- worth your time
shop EbayStores - try out this ebay store we linked you to but ebay is like a shopper's dylan candy bar- there's everyyyything so search 'vintage shops'
shop RustyZipper - you've gotta check out the sequin/cocktail tops and the jackets. very, very out there but hey, why not?

those pictures (above all this nonsense writing) are ouur favorite things we found on the sites today..
left - middle - right


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

you may say i'm a dreamer, but i'm not the only one

we may not know these girls, 
but we wouldn't mind getting to know their closets



ever heard the saying "dance like nobody is watching"?  well, here in the fashion industry, there's a saying kinda like that.  dress like everyone is watching.  have fun with it, look good, and always wear uncomfortable, beautiful shoes.

oh and always embrace rachel zoe.


how to: pack for fall

time for a vacation?

we know it's not quite thanksgiving yet, but surely some of you are going on vacations soon?  or at least hoping to go on vacation soon... so dust off your suitcase (we're picturing it as a vintage, oversized black one) and get ready because we've got the perfect outfits for you.

we picked out 10 small items of clothing (excluded accessories because there's no cutting back on those).  if you do your math right (or at least "right" in our minds) then you can make over 14 outfits.  

try our favorite outfit- a button up (unbuttoned) over the black dress. throw on the dannijo 'knox' necklace, tights, and the tory burch boots.  surprise twist- this same shirt that you threw on over a black dress can be worn with jeans the next day! ...ok maybe wait a day or two... wear an infinity scarf so no one can even tell.

shop the clutch

we're loving the image of a vintage suitcase with all of this clothes sprawled out- make it happen!


Monday, October 22, 2012

online shopping ob SESH ion

need an online shopping session?

trying to find the perfect oversized sweater for this fall?  well, it's your lucky day.  due to my lack of ability to pay attention in class, i found about 30 sweaters worth your time.  click the picture and it'll take you straight to your happy place.  ready.....go. 

what girl doesn't like sparkles and gems? bauble bar has been a popular website for quite sometime, it's even supported by Atlantic Pacific (a personal fav of ours). well, during my econ class, we learned that when household spending goes up, it helps our economy. so i immediately pulled out my credit card and bam, supported the economy.  not to mention i added a couple 'gems' to my jewelry box.

may the force be with you in your online shopping sesh


loving him was red

the day tswift made red the next hot thing

top - bracelet - shorts - bag - lipstick

red is everywhere today thanks to tay swift.  today's been anxiously awaited for by tons of her adoring fans.  (surely) she'll have a "red" tour soon enough, so what do you think people will be wearing to the most popular concert tour in the country....red.  so here you go, an early start.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

living on the edge- of the river

Dress (Glam) - Vest - Scarf - Boots

when you think of tennessee style, what comes to mind?  probably taylor swift's daily attire aka a flowy, girly dress with cowboy boots.  well, this may be the image in your head if you've never been to tennessee... there's memphis, home of elvis and good ole justin timberlake. there's nashville, home to the best country singers in the world (maybe they tend to rock the cowboy boots) but also miley (who dresses anything but country). and of course knoxville, that sports an incredibly artsy neighborhood.  so, when you come to tennessee, make sure you rock your combat boots and jean vests just like i do.  we love this look.