Monday, October 22, 2012

online shopping ob SESH ion

need an online shopping session?

trying to find the perfect oversized sweater for this fall?  well, it's your lucky day.  due to my lack of ability to pay attention in class, i found about 30 sweaters worth your time.  click the picture and it'll take you straight to your happy place.  ready.....go. 

what girl doesn't like sparkles and gems? bauble bar has been a popular website for quite sometime, it's even supported by Atlantic Pacific (a personal fav of ours). well, during my econ class, we learned that when household spending goes up, it helps our economy. so i immediately pulled out my credit card and bam, supported the economy.  not to mention i added a couple 'gems' to my jewelry box.

may the force be with you in your online shopping sesh



  1. If a sweater is loose and warm and a great knit. I'm so gonna wear it. Although my boobs are bigger now so I have to be careful. Great selection!

    x Ursamare (Witchcraft for Lost Girls)

  2. All of those sweaters look so cozy and perfect for fall and winter!! :)


  3. the sweaters look really comfy yet so cool!

    Pudding Monster

  4. Living in the UK and knowing that we are going to freeze in the next few days, you have reminded me that I need to go shopping for something warm and cozy. Those sweaters are really really nice. I am also drooling over the jewellry .