Thursday, October 18, 2012

country chic

street style

well, we sorta figured out why blogs run by cities girl tend to be most popular.  finding trendy locations in tennessee is sorta like searching for an apartment in nyc with plenty of yard space for the kids to play...  so, instead, we embraced tennessee, the state that we love oh so much. sweaters look so much better for fall when there are trees changing colors to match you. but even better than matching the trees with natural colors, try a bright sweater so you stand out. we love the idea.  i guess the boot deserves an explanation....or not. moral of the day- learn to work with what you've got.

studs, spikes, and everything nice. as if studs weren't enough to make this outfit rock, let's add some combat boots. remember when your mom taught you to lace your shoelaces? well, I bet she didn't prepare you for combat boots.  pace yourself, slow and steady wins the race.



  1. awh your foot I hope you're not in to much pain !!

    But still looking stylish right ! Absolutely love the location your took these pictures :)



  2. Did you get your top from AlterD State?

  3. I thought so! I saw it there and loved it! I'm from knoxville too. So happy to see a local blogger!! I found you through Kristis new blog.