Sunday, January 27, 2013

splurge on black and white

with the black and white trend taking over, why not invest in some great pieces. because, ya black and white is super in style right now, but when is it not?


Saturday, January 19, 2013

DIY designer

if you have $1000 to spend on a t-shirt, then more power to you, go ahead and buy a YSL, celine, or chanel tee. but if you're not in the market to buy art one, then here's an idea: make your own.
it's simple really, google your favorite designer logo + t shirt. and bam, there's a DIY video or a cheap, already made version on etsy.
i suggest wearing leather pants or leggings to make your t-shirt a little dressier but if you're going to follow one trend to match the graphic tee, pull out your statement necklace.
i know this whole post is devoted to a cheap way to avoid paying $1000, so adding a dannijo statement necklace probably isn't in your budget either, but i couldn't help myself, it's just so pretty to look at.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

spring trends: 101

here's a short and sweet post covering six simple trends for this spring.
-statement sunglasses
-ankle cuffs or statement sling backs as they should be called
-pale (ballet) pink
-black and white
-and of course, trendy finger nails are here to stay


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

in honor of christmas- a big red coat

who says santa is the only one that gets to wear a big, red coat on christmas? he doesn't get to have all the fun! this is one of my favorite coats. the draping of this mason coat is almost made too well, it falls perfectly. and as if the leather sleeves arn't enough, why not add some leather leggings? 

here's hoping santa treated everyone well!!