Wednesday, October 24, 2012

thrift your heart out

where the wild things are

wouldn't it be nice to live in LA or NYC and be able to walk down the street only to find about 25 thrift stores?  not to mention said thrift stores aren't just junk... they are actually super trendy and- admit it- we're all jealous of people who can pull that stuff off.  well, for those of us who don't live in a cool, trendy city, we have the internet.  here are our favorite online thrift stores, but just like a real thrift store... your gonna have to do some digging.

shop UsTrendy - this site has lots of cool stuff, make sure you check out the blouses and leggings, they were our favorites
shop NastyGal - most of us know and love nasty gal, but most people don't look at the vintage section. look at it- worth your time
shop EbayStores - try out this ebay store we linked you to but ebay is like a shopper's dylan candy bar- there's everyyyything so search 'vintage shops'
shop RustyZipper - you've gotta check out the sequin/cocktail tops and the jackets. very, very out there but hey, why not?

those pictures (above all this nonsense writing) are ouur favorite things we found on the sites today..
left - middle - right


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  1. I am totally obsessed with thrifting too! And yes, that is my dream to be able to shop thrift store after thrift store like LA! Definitely going to check some of those sites out:)