Tuesday, December 25, 2012

in honor of christmas- a big red coat

who says santa is the only one that gets to wear a big, red coat on christmas? he doesn't get to have all the fun! this is one of my favorite coats. the draping of this mason coat is almost made too well, it falls perfectly. and as if the leather sleeves arn't enough, why not add some leather leggings? 

here's hoping santa treated everyone well!!


Thursday, December 20, 2012

How To: Slopes Packing

1. when you're shopping in the 15 degree weather, it's always kind of awkward. the stores are blasting their heaters to keep the customers warm, but when you're wearing a giant coat, that's not comfortable. your best bet is to wear an easy sweater with jeans and boots but bring your biggest, warmest ski coat to wear over it. juicy couture puffer coat - she inside sweater - tory burch boots
2. for a casual night with friends or a trip to the spa, bring a big comfy sweater to pair with the leggings you were on the plane. this is the place to bring your accessories, of course you can mix and match but a scarf and earmuffs would be great with this. and the boots are perfect for snowy weather. she inside sweater - j crew boots - earmuffs 
3. these kate spade touch tech gloves may seem a little rediculous but why would you wanna take your gloves off every time you get a phone call or email? the world doesn't stop because you're in the snow! kate spade touch tech gloves
4. this just looks comfy doesn't it? plus the fleece will be great under your ski coat and the leggings will be great under the ski pants! patagonia fleece - anthropologie fleece lined leggings - nike frees
5. going out in aspen or another trendy area? here you go! rag and bone jacket - she inside top - citizens black jeans


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

plaid pants, who knew?

i never thought i'd be one to wear plaid pants. the phrase "plaid pants" just sounds kinda silly. but i mean, how could you not be drawn to wear these? even though i'm wearing a simple black tee with these, i kind of wish i wore an oversized cream knit sweater with it. no regrets though.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

you have a hole in your sweater

you know when you change into a big comfy sweater and manage to get your jewelry stuck in at least one thread, which (annoyingly) ruins that sleeve? well, good news for you people with a closet full of pulled sweaters... it is now fashionable to wear sweaters with pre-made holes.
but wildfox did not stop at the holes. they had to find something to make us love the sweater even more so naturally they added some graphic design. in this case, white stars.

*shop* wildfox sweater - habitual 'alice' skinnies 


Monday, December 10, 2012

this weekend in art basel

being a florida girl myself, i can vouch for the fact that fashion rules do not apply to the sunshine state. that being said, it looked like summer in miami this weekend... it also looked like a fashion show. when art and fashion meet, it can only mean one thing- art basel 2012. a weekend where fashionistas have an excuse to escape the cold new york weather and bring out their crazy jewelry and crazy patterns because hey- it's art! 
see more pictures at: harper's bazaar  - style

Sunday, December 9, 2012

great sights in white

through the hustle and bustle of exam week, i managed to find time to head downtown and show off some of my new favorite pieces. it's no secret that the "no white after labor day" rule is getting absurdly close to becoming an old wive's tale.. so of course i'm taking full advantage of this breach in the law. ok, so they arn't totally white but that's only because they also have an incredible black pattern.

oh and ever seen a beanie with an opening on both sides? well now you have. this mason beanie is reversible and confusing but hey- it's fabulous so whatever.


Sunday, December 2, 2012

the lo down is back

welcome back to the web ms bosworth. i can honestly say lo is one of my favorite people. i don't know if it's her bubbly but hipster personality or that fact that she featured me on her site but i love her. here's a couple photos of her recent fashionable moments: